What Is SlideDeck?
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What is SlideDeck?


SlideDeck is a powerful slider plugin made for web designers. With SlideDeck, you can organize any type of web content into a beautiful and user-friendly slider.

  • Saves Development Time
  • Beautiful Default Design
  • Powerful Features & API
  • Diligent Support
Use Cases
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    Use Cases


    SlideDeck rocks for sharing ideas, explaining how something works or helping a user through a decision tree.

    You can use SlideDeck to explain how your web app works or let a user visually browse your blog posts. Check out the community examples to see how our friends have implemented SlideDeck.

    Visual Blog Posts Video Gallery Product Tours Process Flows
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    Dynamic Feeds

    Feature Posts by Date, Category & More

    Have a blog? Pull in posts with our smart SlideDeck. Dynamically pull in images and even set exerpt lengths. You can even grab feeds from your favorite blogs! Customize navigation styles, colors, dimensions and more.

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    Photo & Video Galleries

    Showcase Visual Content

    SlideDeck can be used to create stunning photo and video galleries. Customize your navigation options or use our turnkey solution.

    Use it for:
    • Portfolios
    • Blogs
    • Tours
    • Products
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    Tour & Demos

    Walk them through your content

    Have a website or product that could use a walkthrough? Use SlideDeck to created a helpful slider full of images, text and video.

    Use it for:
    • Company websites
    • Web applications
    • Brochure sites
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    Multi-Dimensional Slider

    Browse nonlinearly, skip slides & more

    Create a “choose your own adventure” SlideDeck with the ability to navigate horizontally, vertically and even skip slides. This allows users to skim easily through content or dive deep to learn more.

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SlideDeck is packed with some seriously kick-ass features. Why waste time developing your own functions when you can utilize our rich API? Why even write code when you can use our Wordpress GUI.

Learn More About Features

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Get Started

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Jquery Plugin

  • Complete customization for any website
  • Packed with powerful features and API

WordPress Plugin

  • Graphical User Interface so you don't touch code
  • Smart SlideDecks dynamically display your posts

PRO & Free Light version available for both jQuery and WordPress

Get SlideDeck Pro Thousands of users depend on SlideDeck PRO for personal & client projects.

Dynamic SlideDecks Create dynamic SlideDecks using your favorite RSS feeds.

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